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Ubuntu on a mac?

I am now installing ubuntu on my mac. If you don’t know what ubuntu is, take a look on for more info about it. I wonder how good performance it will […]

A sweet update on MineJam’s Website

I just published a update on, that will show some featured minejam videos from youtube. I have removed auto-play so it won’t start to play if you don’t want it […]

I like a lot of different music categories, and i tought why not post a list of the top songs i like by today (30.10.2015). Here is the list: (Hardwell […]

Phone cameras

We all have different phones, and we all love to use it as our daily camera. But witch phone has the best camera? I took a walk in the park […]

NorHood got shut down between 1 and 2 years ago because of lost interes in hosting minecraft servers. Now it is back! I am planing on building up the player […]

Update about blog

As you may or may not know, my host suspended my account because they found viruses. I did not know about this and contacted them. I told everything and how […]

Birthday is coming up soon!

My birthday is the 27th of february and im turning 17 😀 Buy me something? no? k.. So because im turning 17, im getting old and have started to think […]

BAND NAME: Galantis ARTIST(S): Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw STYLE: Making new music. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: SOME OF HIS BEST MUSIC VIDEOS (My Opinion):  

Since this blog isnt used anymore ( i have decided to move all of my posts over to my currently active blog,