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The internet is a wonderful thing full of ideas and information, but it also a scary place. All the information on the internet is run by everyone, witch is a great thing, but also a bad thing. Every time you visit a website, all the content is loaded from a server somewhere in the world. This is how the internet is built up. Lots of lots of servers all over the world connected with fiber optic cables and coper wires. This blog is hosted on a server somewhere in the world as well.

The internet is great, but there are some huge issues with it as well. A server is a computer that is online all the time, 24/7 365 days a year. For you to access a server on the internet, it need to be online. As soon as the server you are trying to access goes offline, everything on that server is gone. If i ever decide that i don’t want to run the server this blog is hosted on, it will be gone. The whole blog will be gone forever. This is a huge issue. Not my blog in particular, but all the information on the internet. What if wikipedia ever get shut down? What will happen with all the information that we use daily? It will be gone.

This is why some people are working on projects to archive or save the internet. It may sound weird, but it is true, and needed. I made a blog post about The Wayback Machine, a tool used to save websites, but today i will talk about another tool that is a little bit different.

The project i will talk about today is called ArchiveTeam. This project is composed of volunteers, currently coordinated by Jason Scott. ArchiveTeam is a project that archives different things from the internet such as: Short URLs, News Articles and other thigs that can disappear from the internet at any time. The project works by having volunteers running a small virtual machine (called a ArchiveTeam Warrior) on their own computer that will download information from different websites, and upload them to the servers run by ArchiveTeam. It will use your bandwidth and some storage to for example resolve a short url, and upload the result to the ArchiveTeam.

You can read more about the ArchiveTeam Warrior on

I support ArchiveTeam completely and run my own warriors on various machines.

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